Choose This Not This

Can I start by saying, I have zero experience actually implementing this? So...obviously I am an expert on the topic – thus – the blog post. I am currently the mother of a toddler so our main scheduling constraints are making sure to be home at noon for nap-time and we try to make Story … Continue reading Choose This Not This

Why We’re Cancelling Sunday School

We’ve cancelled elementary Sunday school today - not forever – not because we didn’t have enough teachers or because we’re lazy, but because Justin Wren, an MMA fighter is coming to speak in worship. He is not just an MMA fighter. He is also a missionary. He cares for those who are truly the least … Continue reading Why We’re Cancelling Sunday School

A Dollywood Friendship

I’ve been extremely absent from the blog and I’m sorry about that. Two weeks ago, we had VBS. Then I preached three times on the Sunday following, and left on a family vacation on Monday morning. Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Cathy’s post yesterday got me thinking, though. She is … Continue reading A Dollywood Friendship

It Takes a Village

Today is Mother’s Day.  It’s important to remember that as joyous as today may be for some of us, it can be a day filled with pain and tears for others. And for many of us, it’s both.Preschoolers today will learn that we don’t all have mothers around to care of us, but God gives … Continue reading It Takes a Village